lunedì 12 agosto 2013

HyRef Technology Revolutionizes Renewable Energy Forecasting

IBM revolutionizes forecasting of renewable energy production with a sophisticated artificial vision system, which uses a fisheye camera equipment to detect clouds on the horizon and predict weather trends. The system can improve generation of energy from wind and solar plants, because production can be forecasted and storage better managed. Given the volatile nature of this renewable sources, this allows for the reduction of instability in the grid, consequently improving the integration of renewable generation of a 10%, in terms of wastage reduced. The system exploits also "Big" data analytics to forecast the availability of renewable resources, both given previously collected weather information to support decision makers, as well as current state of the sky to predict weather trends for individual turbines, up to one month and with 15 minutes resolution.
Also, the system was installed in the Zhangbei wind-solar facility within an assessment phase. Analytics have been supporting utilities when planning the installation of energy generators.

Full article at:
HyRef Technology Revolutionizes Renewable Energy Forecasting

New IBM Wind & Solar Forecasting System Helps Optimize Renewable Energy Development

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