Saturday, May 20, 2017

Smart Microgrids Munich - Inaugural meetup

Dear visitor,
we are organizing a meetup on the topic of Smart Microgrids here in Munich. Our inaugural event is going to take place next May 31st at the Google Munich offices.

We will have talks from industrial and academic partners sharing their experiences, here is the program:

18:45 Welcome

19:00 - 19:15 Thomas Chrometzka, Director of GIZ Thailand
Impulse Talk on Thai islands agile electrification project and potential of smarter microgrids
Thomas Chrometzka is a renewable energy enthusiast currently the Director Renewable Energy with GIZ Thailand. His team works with the Thai Ministry of Energy on enabling sustainable business partnerships to support faster renewable energy take-up in the region. Thomas and his team facilitate market entry for renewable energy companies, do policy analysis, provide capacity building and contribute to developing reference projects in the renewable energy sector. Lately, he has been working on implementing fuel saver and hybrid-grids solutions on Thai islands, which made him look toward blockchain for new solutions.

19:20 - 19:35 David Oren, CEO of Solarly
Impulse Talk on Solar home system business model innovation & fresh insights from the customer validation journey in Cameroon
David is the co-founder and CEO of Solarly aimed at bringing energy and life changing services in Sub-Saharan Africa. Solarly equips rural households with an up-to-date, affordable, and connected SOLAR HOME SYSTEM  providing an easy access to electricity, creating opportunities for economic development, and giving self-sufficiency to the people. David was also involved with YEP! Young Entrepreneurs Project to educate a new generation of entrepreneurs.

19:40 - 19:55 Stefan Grosjean, CEO Smappee
Our homes are decentralized power hubs - Smappee is a traffic controller in a busy intersection
Stefan is an international expert in Smart Grids & Energy Management. He founded EnergyICT in 1991 and grew this company into a worldwide leader in the area of energy management solutions for Commercial & Industrial enterprises, DSO’s and utilities. Stefan has received multiple recognitions, incl. “Entrepreneur of the year” (2000) and “European Business Award for the Environment” (2010). He holds a Master Degree in Electric & Electronics Engineering as well as an MBA from the Vlerick Business School. One of the main drivers behind founding Smappee was frustration with the way the energy market works and the way the big energy companies are treating the consumers. Smappee gives the consumers the means to see through the mist and keep control over their own consumption.

20:00 - 20:15 Erwin Smole, CSO GridSingularity
High-performance Blockchain client and the decentralized app/agent platform for digitalizing energy systems
Erwin Smole is the Grid Singularity co-founder responsible for strategy. Boasting over two decades of experience in the energy sector, Erwin held senior management positions in utilities, regulatory authority E-Control, and PwC. He has further been engaged in strategic business advisory for government and international organizations (UNDP, EU), as well as a range of energy market entrepreneurs. Erwin is a recognized expert in development of new business cases in the both regulated and non-regulated energy market segments.

20:20 - 20:35 Francois Sonnet, Co-Founder ElectriCChain, SolarCoin evangelist
SolarCoin - Mining the Sun
François graduated with a Masters in Finance (hons) from the ICHEC Brussels Management School and is an expert in Renewable Energy Business Development, having co-founded Belgium’s N°1 award-winning solar installer SunSwitch SA in 2007 at a time of little focus for Renewables outside of Germany and Luxemburg, and helping it build up to +90 employees and +20MEur Turnover in under 30months. François made his first steps at Euronext NV, Lloyds International Banking Group and the Audit Firm PwC in Luxemburg and has extensively traveled. François brings Bizdev skills to the SolarCoin ecosystem, advising solar companies towards developing Blockchain tools to initiate the Energy Transition towards a world powered by clean energy.

20:40 - 20:55 Sebnem Rusitschka, Founder Freeelio
AdptEVE - an AI-aided energy app that maximizes solar power productivity; and how it all fits together
As a computer scientist since 2006, Sebnem has worked in various technology fields of P2P & Cloud Computing, Autonomous Control Systems, and Big Data Analytics for Siemens in the application domain of Energy Management. Yes, she holds the record in riding hype cycles – analyzing and prototyping trends for industrial viability. 2016 for her marks the year in which many of these emerging technologies started climbing the productivity hill. Hence, Sebnem founded freeelio, a startup committed to bring fair and free electricity to the masses with the help of a decentralized distributed intelligence.

Until 22:00 
Discussions, Drinks, and Networking

So if you are in Munich those days, I hope you can join us for some interesting discussion.

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